Are Women really smarter and more capable than men

So who is smarter Men or Women?

It is only in recent times that women have been given equal status in law to men. Even in the most advanced societies women have only been able to vote and make contracts for the past one hundred years.

Equal pay and management opportunities are still issues that are not fully addressed, but as a Mortgage Broker I see more and more couples seeking finance where the female is the main breadwinner, and some where the female commands an income several times their male partners.

So here are my observations that point to women [in general] being smarter than men.

Females are smarter as infants and children than males.

  1. Girls learn to talk, articulate what they want, and get what they want sooner than boys. OK, most men may not see women as smart because they are better and more practiced talkers as a plus, but in communications, it gets the job done.
  2. Girls know its smart to avoid conflict more than boys. Fighting may be a good way to dominant others, but not to get along. Girls understand that there are better ways to control and manipulate situations.
  3. Girls are Stronger than boys. OK you may find this hard yo believe, but according to a test conducted many years ago, girls age for age were found to be stronger than boys. Boys may be more willing to use the strength they have, but are weaker than girls. I say that its smart not to use your strength against others.
  4. Girls are about the same size as boys till puberty. Girls reach puberty sooner, and so have a growth spurt sooner than boys, so are bigger than boys till about 12 – 13 years old. Boys become bigger and stronger than girls only after puberty 13 and 14, and their growth spurt lasts longer and leads to greater strength. So girls get to be emotionally intelligent sooner.
  5. Girls have more realistic aspirations than boys. Boys tend to have massive aspirations that change constantly as they get older. e.g., I want to be president or an astronaut when I grow up. There are not many of those jobs to go round. Girls tend to want to be mothers, doctors or nurses, or service and caring professionals. They are more practical and achievable goals.

Girls are Smarter as teenagers

  1. Girls perform better at tertiary studies than boys. More girls enroll into tertiary studies than boys, and more girls finish tertiary studies. This means that women are now better educated than men.
  2. Boys are likely to get into trouble with the law. Boys like to show off and take risks and that means get noticed, sometimes for the wrong reasons.
  3. Boys are more likely to cause motor accidents. Boys tend to be overconfident, and have a delusional believe in their own abilities and driving skills. Their brains seem to develop and mature slower than girls.
  4. Boys are more likely to drop out of college than girls. Girls seem to be able to manage their expectations of college and see it through to the goal they set, getting a degree or diploma. Boys tend to switch more.

Women make better citizens than men

Men are more likely to commit crimes than women, and go to jail, and be repeat offenders. [This dark fact suggests to me that women avoid making mistakes, avoid wronging others physically and learn by any mistakes that they do make.] Many men seem not to learn from their mistakes.

Women have better abilities and skills than men

  1. Women have better vision than men. When it comes to sight, colors, textures and sense of smell, women have it over men. Their eyes are set wider apart which improves their peripheral vision.
  2. Women are better drivers than men. They are more careful, considerate and have less accidents.
  3. Women are more dexterous and have better hand skills than men. In my home home, Leek, in the UK, which used to be a textile town, many of the women workers out earned the men by double in the mills, based on their worth in manual dexterity with silk and cotton. As a consequence, Milling towns like Leek and Nottingham had populations of women many times that of men.
  4. Women are better at managing the family budget. Women fear not having food and shelter for their families, and manage their money better.
  5. Women are more credit worthy than men. I haven’t seen any actual figures on this, but from my experience as a Mortgage Broker men have more tendency to have unpaid judgments, bad credit and not tell their partners when asked about it. Also check out Judge Judy if you need to see how some men think about financial responsibility.
  6. Women are more successful at running a business. Scary but true. Women are less likely to quit or fail or go bankrupt in business than men. They are probably better at planning, better with money, do what it takes, manage people better, are more patient in getting to success, and more likely to develop better customer relationships. But I didn’t tell you that.

Women have more endurance than men.

  1. Women have more stamina than men. They can do more for longer than men, and can outlast men. When wagon trains got lost in the Wild West, the women survived better than the men. Whilst the men would look after women and children more then themselves, women require less food, and have more fat stores in the body than men. It is my view that were women in charge of these wagon trains, then less would have gotten lost and failed to make their destinations and many lives would have been saved.
  2. Women can handle pressure better than men. Women can multi-task, and handle a lot of jobs simultaneously and take the pressure. I like doing one job at a time. If someone asks me to do something else before I have finished the task at hand, my standard reply is” What do you think I am, a woman? I can only do one job at a time” It usually gets a laugh and me out of another job.
  3. Women live longer than men. How dumb is it to work all your life, then die within a few short years of retirement. The typical man’s epitaph should read, “I was here for a good time, not a long time, but chose to work too hard instead, and now I’m dead”.

The Positive Male Traits

I will be the first to agree that the male’s greater ability to invent, create, build, paint, and write with passion, points to men as the creative genius of the sexes that has brought us to the rich civilization that we now enjoy.

But I also observe is that these genius and creative characteristics only apply to a few men, whereas the attributes in which women excel are common to most women.

So are Women really smarter than men? What do you say?

My belief is that the really smart man knows that his woman is smarter than he is, and cherishes the fact that she is smarter than he will ever be, and tells her so often.

Source by Rick Adlam

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