6 Digital Retail Trends in 2017 You Must Know

Promoting work transparency, product quality and sustainability

The Internet has become the hall of knowledge for each one of us, as we can find almost every kind of information we want with simple browsing. This has increased the interest of customers in knowing more about the products and services they are in search of. As such, retailers and business owners need to mention detailed information about their products and promote its quality and transparency. Today, selling is not just enough; you need to answer the queries of your customers by providing the necessary information about your products and services.

In-store retailers will take a lead in the race

It is always good to purchase things by experiencing its quality through touch. Retailers who allow customers to have a trip to their stores will have greater chances of profit than the online stores. These days, retailers are getting the online shopping products to their brick and mortar counters to attract large number of customers.

Retailers will adopt online payment gateways

The online payment system through mobile phones has taken a toll over the market system. As per research, most retailers have adapted mobile payments in 2016 and the ones who haven’t done yet, will soon face the consequences. There will be loss in sales as customers prefer easy mobile payment rather than cash.

Smaller stores will take over the larger ones

The upcoming customer preferences will bring a change in the outlook of retailers with larger stores. They will soon start focusing on smaller counters than the larger ones to attract customers. On the contrary to large retail stores in the last few years, 2017 will bring more profit from the smaller retail outlets. What is the harm, if you can accumulate the essential items as per your customer demand in a small area rather than a large store? No one wants to roam around endlessly and waste their valuable time. Another important factor is that you need not make a large investment in opening a small store.

Personification will become an important aspect

Research shows that most consumers like shopping at places where they are recognized by their names. This is how personalization has come into the scene recently. Retailers need to personalize with their consumers and have direct communication using their first name. Be it a retailer in store or online, this is what a consumer expects for a good shopping experience.

Same day shipping will gain popularity

Nowadays, everyone out there is in a hurry and wants things to be done real quick. Seeing this prevailing demand of consumers, both brick and mortars and online retail stores are offering same day delivery. Speed has become really important and thus, same day shipping has turned out to be a requirement of consumers.

Source by Gurbir Samran

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